Combine a boat tour with M/V Sea Gipsy around the Mergui Archipelago with a stay on Boulder Bay Eco Resort. (8 Days / 7 Nights)

You want to visit the Mergui Archipelago but not sure if a boat tour or a stay on Boulder Bay Eco Resort is better? Why not both! Spend 3 nights onboard the M/V Sea Gipsy exploring the Mergui Archipelago and finish your trip with 4 nights of absolute relaxation at Boulder Bay Eco Resort in one of our beautiful Sea View Bungalows. We have combined the best of both worlds and created an itinerary that will offer a truly unique experience!

Our Island Safaris start in the bustling fishing harbour of Kawthaung. The beautiful border town of Kawthaung is easily accessible from the border town of Ranong in Thailand. From there, our guides will take you out towards the spectacular Mergui Archipelago. Once we leave the lively border trading and fishing town, you will enter a tropical paradise that even today has rarely been explored. You will find yourself in one of the most remote and culturally interesting off-shore paradises. The vast majority of the 800 islands are still uninhabited and opened up for tourism as recently as 1997. You can be one of the first to explore some of these islands and experience the splendour and charm that easily match Thailand’s famous beach holiday destinations, but lack the hullabaloo of the crowds. Join us on this adventure and cruise through a labyrinth of islands which only a handful of people have seen. With our live-aboard vessels we combine the passion of truly wild adventure with the touch of modern comfort.


The adventure will begin as our guide meets you at the Kawthaung Airport, Ranong Airport or the Ranong Pier and get you all checked in and ensure that you are all set for the adventure that lies ahead. MV Sea Gipsy and her crew will be awaiting your arrival at Kawthaung Jetty. If there is time before your departure on the Sea Gispy, you will have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the Kawthaung seaport. Here you will be treated to diverse sidewalk shops with wares that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Once you’ve experienced the authenticity of the seaport shops, grab your camera and take snapshots of the statue of King Bayint Naung, the Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda and the scenic vistas of the winding river which leads to Ranong, Thailand.

As you depart from Kawthaung, smooth seas will whisk you away to the adventure and beauty of the Mergui Archipelago. Aboard the Sea Gipsy, you will have time to settle into your comfortable cabin. You will find it difficult to stay below deck for long, however. The sun-drenched deck will call to you. Here you will find the comfort and relaxation of a deck chair waiting. Enjoy the ride and refreshing sea breeze as the Sea Gipsy takes you to your first stop at Taung La Bo Island.

This quaint island is the perfect spot for your first dip into the Indian Ocean. Let the beautiful water envelope you as you slip into its pristine waves. From Taung La Bo Island, the Sea Gipsy will take you to stunning Poni Island and then to beautiful and remote Island 115 where you will spend your first evening.


Waking aboard the MV Sea Gipsy, the sights of Island 115 will surround you with more beauty than anything you could have dreamed. As the sun rises over glistening water and enchanting island vistas, your second day begins.

You will start your day by enjoying breakfast aboard the Sea Gipsy before setting off for Shark Island. Shark Island is named, not because there are any of these sharp-toothed fish lurking beneath the surface of the waters, but for the unique shape of the island.

The emerald waters surrounding Shark Island will beckon to you and beauty awaits just below the surface. You will have the chance to enjoy swimming and snorkeling which will be followed by a delicious lunch. With lunch finished, your journey will continue to Lagoon Bay where you will be able to explore the mangrove forest from the seat of a sea kayak. Following your day of adventure, you will spend your second night in the peaceful port at Lagoon Bay.


Day three begins at first light as the Sea Gipsy sets out for Moken Village, the home of the Sea Gypsies. In Moken Village you will be greeted by the smiling faces of the local Moken children. Next, we will set out with full hearts for Ba Wei Island which is a high, sheer and beautiful cliff. Here you will take to the water in a kayak and float past the huge rock gate. Ba Wei Island gives you another chance to enjoy the pristine waters of the Mergui Archipelago as you swim, snorkel kayak or paddle your way around on a Long tail SUP (Stand Up Paddling Board).

From Ba Wei Island, The Sea Gipsy will whisk you away to beautiful Boulder Island where the underwater wonders of the Boulder Bay Reef are waiting to reveal its secrets to you beneath the beautiful waves. If the tides are just right, you will also be able to explore the rugged beauty of Boulder Island’s many exciting hikes and treks.


On Day 4 you will check out from M/V Sea Gipsy and check in at Boulder Bay Eco Resort. This special place will become the crowning jewel of your trip into the Mergui Archipelago and a moment in your life which you will look back on fondly.

Spend the next days experiencing more of Boulder Island, slip again into the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean and swim, kayak or snorkel. Put your hiking shoes and explore the uncharted and untamed jungles of Boulder Island and head out on some remarkable hikes, including a trek to Eagle Rock, the island’s highest elevation. From Eagle Rock, the view of Boulder Bay is breathtaking and wondrous. By trekking across the island, you will be treated to five stunning beaches where you can snorkel or kayak in the water along Boulder Island’s shore.

*Note: Duration of your stay at Boulder Bay Eco Resort can be arranged according to your preferences and boat schedule.

Trip Dates vary and depend on the schedule of our Island Safari in the Mergui Boat Schedule. Check the Island Safari in the Mergui Archipelago below.

Prices Starting From: 1,800.00 USD per Pax*

*Price only valid if the boat’s departure is confirmed. A minimum of two guests is required to confirm the trip.

Group Packages

Group size Prices are based 3 nights on board / 4 nights at the resort
Group of 4 person (2 gazebos & 2 sea View Bungalows) 6,800 US$ for 8 days / 7 nights
Group of 6 person (3 gazebos & 3 sea View Bungalows) 9,600 US$ for 8 days / 7 nights
Group of 8 person (4 gazebos & 4 sea View Bungalows) 12,000 US$ for 8 days / 7 nights
Group of 10 person (5 gazebos & 5 sea View Bungalows) 14,000 US$ for 8 days / 7 nights

Departure Dates

Please check the departure days of the cruise below. You can also book the boat as a private Charter. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or for more details.

October November December January February March April Mai
15.10.2024 04.11.2024 04.12.2024 03.01.2025 02.02.2025 04.03.2025 03.04.2025 03.05.2025
20.10.2024 09.11.2024 09.12.2024 08.01.2025 07.02.2025 09.03.2025 08.04.2025  
25.10.2024 14.11.2024 14.12.2024 13.01.2025 12.02.2025 14.03.2025 13.04.2025  
30.10.2024 19.11.2024 19.12.2024 18.01.2025 17.02.2025 19.03.2025 18.04.2025  
  24.11.2024 24.12.2024 23.01.2025 22.02.2025 24.03.2025 23.04.2025  
  29.11.2024 29.12.2024 28.01.2025 27.02.2025 29.03.2025 28.04.2025

Above Prices Include:

  • Land Transfer from the Airport / Hotel in Kawthaung, Myanmar or Airport / Hotel / Pier in Ranong, Thailand to the pier in Kawthaung on your arrival and departure day.
  • 3 nights Island Safari accommodation on board of MV Sea Gipsy
  • 4 nights’ accommodation at the Boulder Bay Eco Resort’s Sea View Bungalows (Beachfront)
  • Full board while on board & on the island (3 meals). Lunch and dinner with a minimum 3-4 dishes per meal
  • Drinking Water, Tea and Coffee on board and at the Resort.
  • English-speaking cruise director, resort and guest relations manager.
  • Free use of Sea Kayaks and Snorkeling equipment.
  • All activities during the cruise as per itinerary & on the island, such as guided trekking tours, etc. Life Jackets during boat trips.
  • Limited free WiFi at the community building area on the island.
  • Access to our Research and Water Sports Center platform in Boulder Bay.

    Above Prices Do Not Include:

    • International or Domestic Flights
    • Mergui Archipelago Royalty Fees (around USD 100)
    • Myanmar Visa (USD 50) (please see note below)
    • Scuba Diving on the island (during the cruise not available)
    • Soft drinks and Alcoholic beverages (please note that we will charge a corkage fee for brought drinks (USD 1 per beer can and USD 10 per bottle of wine or any alcoholic spirit)
    • Trip cancellation, medical, or any other personal travel insurance.
    • Expenditures of a personal nature, such as souvenirs, tips for crew, etc.
    • Any services not mentioned above.

    Cruise Times: Embarkation 10:00 Hours (10 AM), Disembarkation 6:00 Hours (6 AM)

    We recommend our guests to arrive in Kawthaung one day before embarkation day.

    Important Notice for MV Sea Gipsy and the Island:

    • Minimum 2 guests are required to confirm the trip.
    • Maximum 10 guests as total passengers can be accepted on each cruise
    • The boat MV Sea Gipsy has no private cabins on board. It was built as five open-air gazebos transformed into double beds with curtains. There are two gazebos on the upper deck and three on the main deck below, and all booking requests are always handled on a first-come, first-served basis. MV Sea Gipsy provides space and a storage area on the lower deck.
    • There is no Wi-Fi, Internet or Phone connection available during the cruise, but there is limited Internet access on the island at the community building
    • The boat is basic but very nice and comfortable. There is no air conditioning on board or on the island, but we have small fans in each Gazebo / Bungalow and a nice sea breeze.
    • There are 2 bathrooms (showers only) with toilets on the main deck on the boat , so all the guests must share these facilities. Private bathrooms are on the island