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We design destinations with a singular focus on creating eco-friendly resorts. Boulder Island is a prime example of sustainable tourism in Asia, offering Myanmar's finest, exotic, and secluded beaches in their natural settings.

The resort is privately owned by a Burmese entity and a Norwegian entrepreneur with extensive experience in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Driven by his love for the region, his vision for sustainable tourism, and his commitment to protecting this beautiful part of the world, he established the resort to promote eco-friendly practices and to act as a guardian of this unique and pristine island.

Boulder Island represents a remarkable new concept in eco-friendly tourism. It combines the amenities and comforts of major resorts with a commitment to sound ecological practices. Choose from eight stunning beaches with names such as Boulder Beach, Eagle Beach, Bamboo Beach and Moken Beach. Each beach offers sand so silky and dazzlingly white that it feels like placing your feet on a pillow of earth.

We believe that the Earth is our most precious commodity. By creating this eco-destination on a pristine island, one of 800 in the Mergui Archipelago, we are contributing to the preservation of our natural wonders.

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