What To Bring?

Along with a generous helping of smiles we suggest you to bring the following items:
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    Sandals or flip flops

    Sandals for trekking is ideal.

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    Enjoy beautiful island spots while eyes are protected.

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    Blend with the island with your favorite swimwear.

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    Protect your head from the suns rays

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    Eco Friendly Insect repellent

    Please use only Eco friendly & non toxic insect repellent products on the island. We will provide you with one upon your arrival.

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    Reef Safe Sunscreen

    Bring only reef safe sunscreen to protect your skin and our precious corals at the same time. We will provide you with one upon your arrival.

And if you are so moved, a good book. But please, to fully appreciate the serenity and natural beauty of the island, turn off your smartphone or tablet. Our island provides a natural cleansing from the worry and stress of your ultra busy world. Welcome to ours.