Diving in the Mergui Archipelago almost only used to be from liveaboard boats and their routes normally don’t include the area around Boulder Island. Therefore our divesites are very rarely visited. But some of the most colorful and spectacular sites with names like Pink Canyon or Boulder Rock can be found here.

Within a few to only 30 minutes from our barge we offer dive trips to at least twelve dive sites and new ones are yet to be discovered and surveyed.



Typical for the Andaman Sea marine life is very diverse and ranges from tiny nudibranches to Manta Rays and even Whale Sharks. Due to its location at the very western edge of the Mergui Archipelago the water around Boulder Island tends to be clearer with visibility to up to 30 meters.



Massive granite boulders with swim troughs, stunning limestone walls covered in seafans and soft corals result in interesting topography and underwater landscape. Reaching maximum depths between 18 and 30 meters all dive sites are suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike.


Dive Sites

    • Sail Rock
    • South Point
    • Bamboo Bay Point
    • Bamboo Rock
    • Eagle Cliff
    • Rocky Road
    • Sister Bay
    • North Point
    • Moken Bay East
    • Boulder Rock
    • The Rock
    • Pink Canyon

Rates & Packages

    • Dive from longtail boat:
      • 50 US$ per dive & person
    • Night dive from/to watersports platform:
      • 50 US$ per dive & person
    • Dive from/to watersports platform:
      • 40 US$ per dive & person
    • Refresher course for certified divers including a dive from/to waterports platform:
      • 60 US$
    • 6 dive package:
      • 270 US$ per person (includes longtail, night and dives from the watersports platform and the refresher course)
    • from the dive No. 7 and above
      • 40 US$ per dive & person

All rates include Divemaster, tank, weight belt and weights.

      • Rental diving Equipment:
        • only Full Set available (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit) = 20 US$ per dive
      • Torch for night dives:
        • 10 US$ per dive

Safety & Requirements

Due to its remote location, safe diving is conducted at Boulder Bay Eco Resort. At all our dive sites we have radio communication with the resort and to avoid strong currents we check tide tables daily. All divers must be certified (Open Water/1 Star or higher) and divers without recent experience are asked to undergo our Refresher Course. Dives are guided by certified Divemasters and the groups don’t exceed seven divers (incl. Divemaster). The use of a dive computer is mandatory. The nearest decompression chamber is in Phuket. Therefor we don’t do decompression dives and the maximum depth should not exceed 25 meters. We have two oxygen tanks and all our equipment and the compressor are maintained on a regular basis. We recommend all diving guests to bring their own Surface Marker Buoy and have an insurance that covers diving activities. Guests are recommended to bring a medical statement.