Regarded as one of the last untouched regions in Asia, Myaynmar’s isolated Mergui Archipelago is slowly opening up with new conservation-led tourism initiatives, as Keith Lyons discovers. There are white

MERGUI-ARCHIPEL Text und Fotos von Thomas Schmid

Ranong, Thailand (dukas) – Im Zeitalter des globalen Tourismus existieren herzlich wenige Reiseziele auf der Erde, die noch wahrlich „unentdeckt“ sind. Dabei liegt einer dieser weißen Flecken auf der touristischen

Now’s the time to book a trip to this long-lost island paradise

The remote and undeveloped Mergui Archipelago in Burma’s part of the Andaman Sea has more to offer than just a cruise from afar. As the government begins to hand out


It’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep. Considering I’ve spent the afternoon in the sunshine, kayaking and drinking a couple of beers with dinner, I ought to be

New dawn for remote Andaman Sea island tourism

Isolation and inaccessibility have kept tourists away from the Mergui Archipelago, however new eco-sensitive developments may turn its islands into the ultimate escape. By KEITH LYONS NOVEMBER 11, 2018 1:46

Unplugged in Paradise by Ron Emmons

Need an e-tox?Then head for one of Asia’s last unspoiled destinations — the Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar. My phone and laptop were beginning to control my life, and I was

Green column: Preserving paradise

As we sail away from Kawthaung pier, my phone signal disappearing, a lively discussion about compostable toilets takes place on board. Among the guests heading toward Boulder Bay Eco-resort are


Not many island groups in Southeast Asia are untouched by tourism but Myanmar has one that is almost unexploited: the Mergui islands In the Andaman Sea, north of Thailand’s Surin

Myanmar’s eco-resorts open up Asia’s new tourism frontier

Myeik Archipelago’s pristine beaches brace for rising tide of day trippers (BEN DUNANT, Contributing writer) KAWTHAUNG, Myanmar — A few hours boat ride from the port of Kawthaung, a school

Are tropical islands in Myanmar Asia’s last untouched paradise?

Lack of infrastructure has protected the Myeik Archipelago in the Andaman Sea from the ravages of tourism, but for how much longer? Picture 800 or so islands surrounded by beaches