Regarded as one of the last untouched regions in Asia, Myaynmar’s isolated Mergui Archipelago is slowly opening up with new conservation-led tourism initiatives, as Keith Lyons discovers. There are white

MERGUI-ARCHIPEL Text und Fotos von Thomas Schmid

Ranong, Thailand (dukas) – Im Zeitalter des globalen Tourismus existieren herzlich wenige Reiseziele auf der Erde, die noch wahrlich „unentdeckt“ sind. Dabei liegt einer dieser weißen Flecken auf der touristischen

Now’s the time to book a trip to this long-lost island paradise

The remote and undeveloped Mergui Archipelago in Burma’s part of the Andaman Sea has more to offer than just a cruise from afar. As the government begins to hand out


It’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep. Considering I’ve spent the afternoon in the sunshine, kayaking and drinking a couple of beers with dinner, I ought to be

New dawn for remote Andaman Sea island tourism

Isolation and inaccessibility have kept tourists away from the Mergui Archipelago, however new eco-sensitive developments may turn its islands into the ultimate escape. By KEITH LYONS NOVEMBER 11, 2018 1:46

Unplugged in Paradise by Ron Emmons

Need an e-tox?Then head for one of Asia’s last unspoiled destinations — the Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar. My phone and laptop were beginning to control my life, and I was