Our commitment to the ecology of the planet runs deep.

We only use fast renewable resources to build the bungalows. Feel at home and be comfortable while you enjoy the beauty of nature all around you.

Resort Center

Our Resort Center serves as a dining area and a place to relax and enjoy a drink after a day of exploring Boulder Island. If you happen to bump into one of our marine biologists do not hesitate to ask them regarding all the marine conservation work that is happening and the vision that we have on becoming an example for sustainable tourism.

Yoga, Research, Team Building Center

Our multipurpose pavilion was constructed in March 2019. It is situated in its own private bay (Eagle Bay) and will provide an idyllic setting for yoga retreats, weddings and corporate workshops. The pavilion is an example of beautiful and sophisticated bamboo architecture, of special note is the use of bamboo nails throughout, which reduced the need for metal fixings in this corrosive marine environment.

Research & Watersport Center

The Research & Watersport Center serves as a starting point for all the marine research related activities that are happening on the island. The Platform is also used as a watersports center for diving, snorkeling and kayaking around the island.